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The Do’s and Don’t of Buying a Used Cell Phone

Have you recently cracked your cell phone screen? Was your phone recently stolen?  Are you just tired of your old phone and you just want something new. If so then buying a usedphone can be a smart decision. But where do you buy a used phone?  Craigslist and local social Swap-N-Shops can be a very attractive place to purchase a used phone, however we want to give you a few tips on what to do when you buy a phone from an individual and not a retailer.

Buy Used Cell Phones, Used Cell phone, Refurbished phones at Quest Wireless Kansas City and Olathe KSHow to Buy a Used Phone From Craigslist or a Swap-N-Shop, the Do’s and Don’ts.

Do Not Send Money to Hold the Phone. If you are asked by the seller to send money to hold the phone for you DON”T. Even if they offer you to send the money via Paypal if you have not see the phone in person and had it looked at and activated do not give the seller any money. 

Don’t Fall for the Ad That Sounds Too Good to be True.  If the ad sounds too good to be true then it most likely is. If the ads promises the buyer a ridiculously good price then it may not be worth your time. Do a little research on the phone you are looking for and know what the value is before buying. When you’re buying from sellers who are seemingly desperate to get rid of their used phones, it’s could be hard to know if this is a legitimate sale or a scam.

Don’t Buy From Ads Without A Local Number. Be wary of ads without local phone numbers. If the seller is a offering a legitimate sale then they will offer you a way to speak with them regarding the offer. If it is only via email or if they simply want to meet instead of providing you with a contact number then move on.

Do Meet the seller at the cell phone store. If you are buying a phone from an honest seller they should have no problem meeting you at the cell phone store so the phone can be activated.  You will be able to check to see if the ESN is free and clear, (not stolen) and you phone can be activated right then and there.  You could also call your wireless carrier’s customer service and ask them to verify the ESN for you, simply read them the serial number, or ESN, off of the phone. 

Buy a used Cell phone Quest Wireless Sales and Repair Olathe, KS and Kansas CityDo Make Sure the Screen is NOT Cracked and is Working Properly. The best way to make sure the screen is not cracked is to turn it on. Look at the whole screen to make sure there are not any small  cracks or chips.  

Do Make Sure All the Buttons Work.  Make sure that all the buttons on the phone are working. This includes the camera button, power button, home button, and the  letters on the keyboard.  So if there is a button make sure it works. 

Do Check for Water Damage.  A phone can look absolutely perfect and be in perfect working order, but it can have water damaged. So you will want to check the water damage indicators on the phone.  Remove the batter and look at the small test patch to see if the indicator is a solid color, usually read .  If this is the case then the phone has water damage and you should move on. 

Do Have the phone activated before you hand over any cash. Make sure that the phone is in working order and that you have tested it with a call before paying for the phone.

If you follow these simple Do’s and Don’ts you are more likely to reduce your chances of buying a bad used phone from a listing site.  We always suggest that you purchase from a retailer who will offer you a warranty on your phone and accessories. When buying a used phone you can usually get a quality phone at a good price or a price that is significantly less than the full retail price of a new phone.  However you should do your homework, know what you are looking for, and buy a cell phone from a legitimate re-seller.

Quest Wireless Sales and Repair is a reputable phone buyer and re-seller.  You can trust our services and we back our phones. All devices we sell have been fully inspected and come with a 90 day warranty. We have two convenient locations to serve your needs.  At Quest Wireless Sales and Repair we sell a wide range of cell phones. Come see us and we will get your iPhone working for you! Call (816) 444-1088 for our Kansas City location or for directions Kansas City at 7224 Wornall Road.



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