Cell Phone Repair Kansas City

Does your cell phone need fixed? Are you having trouble with a cracked screen or will your phone simply not turn on? Call on the experienced cell phone technicians at Quest Wireless Sales and Repair in Kansas City to solve your cell phone problems. All of our technicians are level 3 certified and are qualified to handle any problems you may be having with your cell phone.

No matter what cell phone you carry, our technicians at Quest Wireless Sales and Repair are trained to diagnose, repair, or replace your cell phone. Need your cell phone repaired now? Bring your phone to our Kansas City store conveniently located in the Waldo area at 7224 Wornall Road, Kansas City, MO or give us a call (816) 444- 1088 and we will get your phone fixed fast.

Cell Phone Cracked Screen Repair Kansas City

Cell phone cracked screen and LCD repair is our most frequent request. LCD/display problems repaired by our technicians include:

  • Cracked screens
  • White screens
  • Blank screens
  • Lines running through the middle of the screen
  • “Bleeding” LCD
  • “Black” spots or ink spots

Sound Issues

  • Can’t hear anyone (Earpiece)
  • People can’t hear you (Microphone)
  • Ringer does not work (Speakerphone)
  • Vibration does not work (Vibrator)
  • Poor signal strength (Antenna)
  • Wi-Fi does not work (Wi-Fi Antenna)
  • Phone will not charge (Charging port)
  • Power button does not work
  • Wi-Fi does not work (Wi-Fi antenna)

Connectivity Issues – Charging/Power Problems – Cosmetic Damage

Does your cell phone need some bodywork? Quest Wireless can make your cell pone look like new! Bring in your cell phone for repair by our refurbishing and cosmetic repair specialists.

Data Transfer and Recovery

Ready for an upgrade? Ask us about our data transfer and recovery service. We can transfer your numbers onto a new cell phone, and create a backup for you in case your cell phone is ever stolen or misplaced.

We are conveniently located in Kansas City, MO for all your cell phone sales and repair needs!

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